GTA V Mod Remove Tool


You want to clear your whole GTA V directory from mods and don't know which files you need to delete?
This tool helps you to detect all mod files and folders and gives you the chance to delete all mods.

Attention: Screenshots may differ from the current version!

My Discord server (Support)
My discord name: Gang1111#0278

I want to expand my tools and intergrate multi language support and i need the help from the community.
Feel free to join the discord and contact me from the translation app ( #translate-app )!

_________ CONTENTS _________

1. System Requirement
2. Information
3. How to use
4. FAQ
5. Known Bugs
6. Credits
7. Latest Changes

_________ System Requirement _________
--- Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8

_________ Information _________
This Tool show all mod files and folders.

Tested for GTA Online!
No Guarantee or Support for Pirated Versions of GTA5!!!

_________ How to use _________
1. Start this Tool
2. Look which files / folders you need to delete manually or
3. Click on "Delete all mods" and this deletes all installed mod files and folders :)

_________ FAQ _________
--- What do this Tool exactly?
This tool shows you all your installed mods (files and folders)

--- Are there more planned features?
Not yet. But I'm working to equip this tool with many features as possible.

--- Why do the Tool run with Administrator rights?
The new Rockstar Launcher sets the GTA V folder to a state where any changes need admin rights. Even if you disable this state, it will change it everything you run the Launcher.
That's why the Tool needs to be started with Administrator Rights.

--- Anti-Virus flagged it, is this safe?
The Tool has features like Scanning whole folder, Delete and move files / folders and MD5 Hash scan. Some Anti Viruses don't like features like that, but i promise you, you have whole control about your files and the tool.

_________ Known Bugs _________
- Some users reported that the tool deleted their game files too.
The problem is, I can't reproduce that, and sadly those users didn't give me useful information to reproduce that "bug".
It will also show the game files if that "bug" is happening. So please activate your brain instead of just clicking delete!
If that "bug" happens to you, PLEASE report it to me before you give a bad rating!

I'll do my best to fix this, but i really need more information instead of "this tool deleted my whole game". The target of this tool is not deleting the whole game or game files/folder.

_________ Credits _________
- Gang1111 (Developer)

_________ Latest Changes _________
- [Removed] "Check MD5 Hash" from main window context menu (MD5 was moved to "Game Files" and i forgot to remove it from menu) (Thanks again to HunterLies)
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